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Group Travel or Summer Camp

It's an amazing experience to travel in family or in Group,

Especially while discovering the Amazing Ghana with its exciting attraction parks, Forts and castles from different cities,

We do Organise booking of Accommodation for group travelers and book long courier buses for their tours, We find good guides for them and safe expeditions. Food and drinks as well.

Students holidays camp, and churches, we handle it well.

We give a free estimate according to your inquiries.

Please feel free to contact us.


Charter of Conduct/Charte de Bonne Conduite


Article 1: PK Expat Services undertakes to serve with honesty and respect for persons, irrespective of their origins and / or their religion.

Article 2: PK Expat Services and its representatives as reported on its website, respects the rules of good morals by promising positive values and ensuring loyalty and sincerity towards its customers throughout the world.

Article 3: PK Expat Services knows that a satisfied customer is an advantage because they will promote our good name.

Article 4: PK Expat reserves the right to manage the confidentiality of the information provided by its customers and to secure them.

Article 5: PK Expat Services promotes clarity and devotion towards all its partners and associates by creating a climate of trust and community welfare.

Article 6: Clients is king and is called to report any good or not good activity to the competent hierarchy for the improvement of the service.



Article 1: PK expat Services s'engage a servir avec honnêteté et le respect des personnes, indépendamment de leurs origines et / ou de leur religion.

Article 2: PK Expat Services et ses représentants tel que rapporté sur son site Web, respecte les règles de bonne morale en promettant les valeurs positives et assurent  la loyauté et la sincérité envers ses clients à travers le monde.

Article 3: PK Expat Services sait qu'un client satisfait est un avantage, car ils va promouvoir notre bon nom.

Article 4: PK Expat Services se réserve le droit de gérer la confidentialité des informations fournies par ses clients et de securiser celles-ci.

Article 5: PK Expat Services favorise la clarté et la dévotion envers tous ses partenaires et associés en créant un climat de confiance et du bien être communautaire.

Article 6 : Le client est roi et est appelé a rapporter toute activité bonne ou pas bonne a la hiérarchie compétente pour l'amélioration du service.

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