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Painting Services In Ghana

If you have any painting project, we are having a Painting Team that can provide high profiles services. With the highest levels of customer satisfaction – The Team has a good fort-folio (Schools, Hotels, Villas and Churches ) to meet your expectations.

Painting Service Includes

- House Painting
- Wall Painting
- Interior & Exterior painting
- Ceiling painting 

- Doors and windows painting. 
- Loosed boards Fixing,
- Nails and Cracks fixing. 

- PoP Works

To give your home a fresh and trendy look through expert painters with their latest painting tools. Proper tools always help to finish off any work with great accuracy in a short time with fine finishing.

Whether you are repainting an entire house, or just touching up the corner of a room, painting is an important part of home-ownership (and even renting).


Regardless of whether you want your entire home painted or just a couple of rooms, our experts are here to help ! 



  1. Materials

  • If Sealer costs GHS 10.78 per liter and covers 11 square meters per liter then it Costs 0.98 Ghana pesewas for every square meter.
  • If primer costs GHS 14.30 per liter to cover 11 square meters per liter, it costs 1.30 Ghana pesewas for every square meter.
  • It the Acrylic PVA Low Sheen costs GHS 69.12 per liter at 2 coats covering 12 square meters per liter, it costs 2.88 GHS times two = 5.76 GHS per square meter.

Total cost of material for Primer, Sealer and 2 Coats : 6.14 Ghs per square meter. All we need is to measure the space to be painted in square meter to determine how much paint is needed for your painting project.

  1. Labour Factor

The average output of painting a flat wall (for one painter) has been estimated between 100 to 130 square meters per day. The general agreement in the painting trade has been estimated to 9 hours per day. And 9 hours of painting produces at least 100 M2.

We take 9 hours productive time divide by the performance (100M2) gives 0,09 factor per square meter.

9/100 = 0,09

Adding the wall preparation, sanding and filling cracks, the general agreement consensus seems to be 1/3 of the painting factor 0.09 = 0,03

Labor factor per persona will be 0,03 + 0,09 = 0,12 which will represent an average of all tasks per coat.

  1. Workmanship

The working hours are 9H / Day

 1Week = 45 hours

Labour cost per hour is estimsated at 12,50 Ghs

The 45 (Hours) X 12,50 (Cost per hour) = 562,50 Ghs

  • Holidays and Sick Leaves (13,50%) = 76 Ghs
  • Public insurance (+5,8%) = 32,70 Ghs

Total pay per week is 671,2 Ghs

Amortization is Ghs 1.00 per Hour

We take 671,20 / 45H = 14,91 Ghs ==> Total Labour / Hour.

In Our invoicing, a square meter (Space preparation, Primer and @ coats Painting and Workmanship) Coast is Ghana Cedis 11.30 per square metre. 

Quality Service with quality materials

Continental Painting is dedicated to a quality job that will stand the test of time, not a once and done type of work. 

We have a long list of satisfied customers and we would love to add you too!

For a professional approach to painting, call The Green Service! 

Don't you Deserve the Best?


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Bedroom Design 







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Our Main Services : 

1. Painting Works
2. Renovations Works
3. Carpentry Works
4. Plumbing Works
5. Fumigation and Pest Control
6. Gardening and Landscaping 
7. Tile and Pavement
8. Electrical Works. 

An Opportunity to complete and close your construction project. 
We Provide the materials and you have up to 3 months scheduled payment plan. 

1. We have to see the surface or the Premises!
2. We provide the Estimate for the Materials & Workmanship,
3. After Approval of the Estimate, We discuss and sign the payment plan,
4. Work schedule and start of works.


See Pictures below  

- Wall treatment
- Wall skimming (Enduit)
- Selected colors painting
- Cracks and Wood fixings
- P.O.P Works


Normal Wall Painting 

A Normal painting which is one or two colors will be charged an ordinary quote (As Single room rate is 200 Cedis excluding materials).

A multi colors painting which includes 2 to 4 selected colors, on walls or straight surfaces (Rate at 400 Cedis for a single room, excluding the materials).

Designed Wall Painting

A particular design has a particular rate based on its own assessment. Please see below some selected painting designs. 


We have rendered our services to uncountable people and companies in Ghana and abroad : 

- Churches,
- Schools,
- Ships
- Private and Public companies
- Hotels
- Warehouses
- Filing Stations
- Real Estates...

See Pictures below   

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