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We offer acting classes to people from all walks of life. We teach our participants the most relevant acting recipes including:

  1. Types of acting
  2. Role play
  3. Articulation
  4. Table Reading
  5. Developing confidence
  6. Practical acting on locations
  7. Body language
  8. Voice training

At the end of the program, we shall publish the resume + head shot of each of the most outstanding participants. Hurry and enroll now!!!  

Call: (+233) 030 2725 697 / 023 5886 304

Acting Acting !!! 

Acting Acting !!! 


Public Speaking !!!

Public Speaking !!!

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Become an outstanding public speaker with us. We offer the best techniques with practical items of assignment and a personalized follow-up training. Our scheme includes:

  1. Knowledge acquisition
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Adding humor
  4. Developing confidence
  5. Speaking with authority
  6. Connecting with the audience
  7. Body language
  8. Dressing code
  9. Voice training
  10. Staying informed

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We are ready to polish your communication skill in your comfort zone. We come to you on request, whether you live in Accra or Kumasi (Ghana).

Call: (+233) 030 2725 697 / 023 5886 304

Public Speaking FAQ

a.       Q: What is the program about?

A: Teaching participants the rudiments (fundamentals) of the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing.

b.      Q: How much does it cost?

A: It costs just 1,400 Cedis per participant with 30 Cedis as registration fees

c.       Q: Any teaching aids?

A: Yes, they are free handouts for each participant. However, participants may be asked to purchase some useful personal materials when necessary.

d.      Q: Any certificate after the program?

A: Yes, participants who complete their program shall be awarded each a certificate of participation.

e.       Q:  When will the lectures start?

A: A participant starts his lectures as soon as he registers and pays his fees.

Public Speaking is first a personalized program. Each participant is attended to separately.  

f.       Q: Where is the program taking place?

A: Lectures take place mainly in the residence or place of choice of a participant.

g.       Q: Who bears the cost of transport fare of the lecturer?

A: The participant bears the cost of transport fare at each meeting.

h.      Q: Don’t you have a place where participants can study?

A: We used to have a place for our participants but due to the subjectivity of the program, usually, most participants would request to be taught separately in their comfort zone.

i.        Q: When will lectures commence?

A: Lectures commence as soon as a participant registers and pays his fees.

j.        Q: Can the fees be paid in installments?

A: Yes, full or half at the beginning and the other half after half of the duration of the program.

k.      Q: How long will the training take?

A: The training is envisaged to span for 48 hours with a minimum of 2 classes of 3 hours per week.

        Q: What are the types of payments you accept?

                    A: Bank wire, transfers, Mobile Money. No cash is accepted.

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